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ARCH 131
Dennis Sandgathe

UNIT 3GENETICS 32 The Cell and Genetics Slide 1 Title slide Slide 2 This PowerPoint and lecture will be a Review of Cell Biology and Geneticsthese things are responsible for the underlying mechanics of evolution First lets take a quick brief step backward Slide 3 The earliest life on earth began as prokaryotic cellsthese are singlecelled organisms and survive today as bluegreen algae and more commonly as bacteria They first appeared about 38 billion years ago and were the only life on earth until about 15 billion years ago when eukaryotic cells appearedSlide 4 ic cells began as singlecelled organisms and there are Eukaryotcountless examples of such organisms still alive today but Eukaryotes are the type of cell that multicellular organisms are composed of and multicellular life appeared about 600 million years agoThe main difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes is that in prokaryotes the genetic material is not segregated from the rest of the cell by a nucleusit floats around among the other components of the cell In eukaryotes there is a well developed nucleus which serves primarily to house the cells genetic materialits DNA Eukaryotic cells are what we are most concerned with here since they are the building blocks of all complex life forms and are what allowed the development of all plant and animal life
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