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ARCH 131
Dennis Sandgathe

UNIT 13 ANATOMICALLY MODERN HUMANS 132 The emergence of anatomically modern humans Slide 1 Title slide Slide 2 In the last section we were introduced to some of the more important fossils that many researchers consider to be the first representatives of the species Homo sapiensour immediate direct ancestors These potentially appear as early as 250000 years ago but certainly by at least 150000 years ago we have anatomically modern humans although some still exhibit some slightly robust characteristics In this unit we will examine what we know about true modern humans Homo sapiens sapiens Slide 3 It is the case that up until around 30000 years ago there was always some variety of hominins in the world including 4 or 5 just within the last 100000 years us Anatomically Modern Humans Neandertals the new species identified from DNA recovered from a finger bone from Denisova Cave in Siberia Homo floresiensis on Java and possibly Homo erectus in South East Asia as well How is it then that we became the one and only species remaining in the worldLets examine what we know about the when where and how that our species first emerged Currently there are 2 competing hypotheses that attempt to explain the emergence of Anatomically Modern Humans One is referred to as the Complete Replacement or Out of Africa Hypothesis and the other is generally referred to as the Regional Continuity Hypothesis Slide 4 The Complete Replacement or Out of Africa Hypothesis follows a number of premisesFirst Anatomically Modern Humans evolved exclusively among some African population sometime between 250000 and 150000 years ago Secondly at some point after 100000 years ago Anatomically Modern Humans spread out from Africa into the rest of the Old World Thirdly between 50000 and 30000 years ago Anatomically Modern Humans completely replaced all other hominin species in the worldall the indigenous groups in Europe and Asia were replaced without any interbreeding All earlier hominin species became extinct without contributing any genes to modern humans Anatomically Modern Humans either simply outcompeted the local groups or actively removed them through interpersonal violence
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