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Unit 1: Introduction to Human Origins (Lecture 1)

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ARCH 131
Dennis Sandgathe

Unit 1 Introduction to Human OriginsCultural Anthropologystudy of living cultures peoplepeople who are still around ie origins of jazz culture in New Orleans culture of homeless peopleArchaeologystudy of past cultures mainly through their material culture remainsthings that are left behind go back to the history of humans stone tools pottery metalPhysical or Biological Anthropologystudy of human biological evolution and human remainsLinguisticsstudy of the evolution of languagesstudy the role of language that it played in cultureBiological Anthropologybiological and evolutionary anthropologydeveloped technology to suit our biology and our biology changes in response allow us to adapt to our environmentBioCultural EvolutionEarly studies of the distant past The earliest scientists AlAzhar University Cairo est 975 ADUniversity of AlKaraouine Fes Morocco est 859 ADwhile Europeans were not showering the Arabs were saving older work of literature mathematicsPreScientific Frameworks not allowed to question the bible burnt to deathinconsistency of the bible goes to the pope or the clergythe prescientific frameworks is provided by Irish Archbishop James Ussher 15811656 went through the bible and figured out the biblical family treeconstructed a family tree and figured out the world began on October 23 4004 BC at 900am
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