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Unit 2: Evolution and Natural Selection (Lecture 2)
Unit 2: Evolution and Natural Selection (Lecture 2)

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Simon Fraser University
ARCH 131
Dennis Sandgathe

Unit 2 Evolution and Natural Selection 21 History of Evolutionary TheoryFixity of Species Mid1700s Rich people middle class peasantsaccess to education people are more interested in the world around themdoesnt match the biblical version17001800 the skeleton of a dinosaur familiar to the fact of the finding of an extinct speciesdomestic animal breeds see a new breed of cowstravel around the world variation within species leaving your home country and see similar lookingie Elk in North AmericanRed deer in Europeanlots of variation in the world than anybody has known beforemost struck by this naturalistnot reasonable to think the course of earth is not changing some sort of evolution or mutation is happening John Ray 16271705came up with the species concepta species is a group of organisms that is distinguishable from different organisms by their ability to successfully reproduce themselvesgroup different species together Genus Linnaeus 17071788 took the idea of species and expanded it to plants and animals that he can be acquainted before still believe in the fixity of speciesTaxonomy and Binomial Nomenclature implicitly calling us animals George Buffon 17071788keeper if the Kings garden1749 published a book species adapt slightly to new conditionsif a specie migrated to another placethey would change to adapt to their own environmentthinks the earth is 70000 years old Lamarck 17441829developed a mechanism process of evolutionInheritance of acquired characteristicsEvidence for EvolutionIncreasing Complexity of Organismsthe higher you climb up a mountain the more complex it is of the organismCharles Darwin 18091882gone on a voyage with the captain expose to different things ndaround the world 2 year of university has some sort of idea Voyage of the Beagle 18321836 got his idea from Galapagos Island
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