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Simon Fraser University
ARCH 131
Dennis Sandgathe

Unit 6 Earliest Hominins Chapter 61 African Hominin SitesMajor Fossil Hominin Sites in AfricaGreat apes and early hominin ancestors 57 million years agoOnly found in Africa 2 main sites o East Africa o South AfricaSouth Africa in cavesmostly verticalsome are horizontal o Sterkfontein o Taungie Taung Child Raymond Dart o KromdraaiTwo cavesmostly collapsedFive major depositsRemains of 8 different hominin individuals o Makapansgat o Swartkrans o Malaparecently discovered found in 2008Dolinas vertical caveswind and water flowing along mechanically eroding away the rock chemical dilutionexposure to mild acidrain slightly acidic o Rocks limestonereact with acid water made of calciumreact with acid o Dissolve the rock forming hollow space form cavesyear after yearo Brecciahardened rockfossil survived because of these hardened rock BrecciaHominin sticking outEast African Rift Valleyno cavesSentiments laid by streaks and lakesWouldve been more wet back thendry now o Hadar o Kada Gonaoldest known stone toolso Omo River o West Turkana o Olduvai GorgeLouis Leakey o Koobi For a o LaetoliChapter 62 The Early HomininsPhylogeny and Taxonomy Phylogeny describes the evolutionary relationships between organisms Taxonomy is the process of classifying organisms based on those relationshipsthe different groups in the taxonomic system different species or genera are referred to as different taxa
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