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ARCH 131
Dennis Sandgathe

ARCH 131 Week 4 September 25 , 2012 Unit 4: Primates Section 3: The Modern Non-Human Primates Modern Primate Taxonomy - Suborder: Prosimii o 3 superfamilies  Lemurs, lorises, tarsiers - Suborder: Anthropoidea  All monkeys, apes, humans - Suborder: Prosimii (“Prosimians”) o Dental comb used for grooming – removing parasites from their fur o Grooming claw (same deal)  Loris  Slow-moving things  Stalk things to eat  Lemur  Only in Madagascar  Tarsiers  Only in Southeast Asia  Very small, nocturnal  “Super-predators” - Suborder: Anthropoidea (Monkeys and Apes) o Family: Platyrrhini o New World monkeys:  They have small bodies  They have three premolars  They are all arboreal  Prehensile tails among some New World monkeys o 5 Families in Platyrrhini:  Atelidae  Spider Monkey  Howler Monkey  Callitrichidae  Marmoset  Golden Lion Tamarin  Emperor Tamarin  Pygmy Marmoset  Cebidae  Capuchin monkeys  Squirrel monkeys  Pithecidae  Uakari  Saki  Aotidae  Night monkey - Infraorder: Catarrhini o Old World monkeys and apes  Family: Cercopithecidae (just the monkeys, not the apes)  Greater size range than New World monkeys  Greater degree of sexual dimorphism  Old World monkeys have “ischial callosities” (warts on their ass so they can sit on uncomfortable surfaces) Examples:  Colobus Monkeys in Africa  Guenons in Africa  Langurs in Asia  Patas monkeys in Africa  Macaques in Africa and Europe  Macaques in Asia  Snub Nosed monkeys in Asia  Mangabeys in Africa  Mandrills in Africa  Baboons in Africa  Superfamily: Hominoidea  Apes (including humans) o Families:  Hylobatidae  Gibbons  Siamang  Hominidae  Orangutans (2 species) o They eats fruits o Males will undergo physiological changes (they will get ripped/buff) when competing for
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