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ARCH 201 Week 14

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ARCH 201
David Maxwell

ARCH 201 Week 14 Lecture Does the Past Have a Future? Consulting Arch vs Cultural Resource Management •90%+ archs in NA involved in CRM •Seeing more of this recently •Lots of kinds of work in discipline Why CRM? •Identity: In NA, mostly Native, as most are immigrants •Education: Importance of resources and nonrenewable nature (also gov) •Tourism: Not a lot in BC for arch sites. Some places not as visible as others - pyramids vs pit houses •Safeguard the database: preserve stuff for future generations CRM definition: •Managing places, items, phenomena of arch or historical interest •Managing human cultural environment - human past •Register of Professional Archaeologists - not just to publish journals, public can also go for grievances related to arch and archs •Ie, arch butcher something he was supposed to study •Don't have to be a member - to be a member, need Masters and experience - lots of different skills, more than academic arch •CRM archs need: •Thorough education in arch method and theory •Extensive field exp - easy to get •Lab analysis skills - important if you want to keep working beyond the field contract - people who can dig are a dime a dozen •Business management skills •People management and human relations skills •Know historic preservation laws Heritage Preservation Laws •vary widely by location, stronger in US than Canada, no consistency in Canada (no fed legislation) •In BC have Heritage Conservation Act - anything before 1856 is protected. Everything after is not. •Not strongly enforced •Arch branch in Victoria, who have to enforce laws, very few people. Under control of Ministry of Forests. •US has federal and local laws •Section 106 most important (Historic Preservation Act) •Anything > 100 years old must be checked out before destruction •Better enforced than in BC as more people involved, but still often broken •California has more laws - has California Environmental Quality Act - brings it to anything > 50 - all upgrades would have to match old style •Most arch resources become potentially eligible for inclusion on National Registry of Historic Places •Big diff between eligible and on - almost EVERYTHING eligible •Eligibility relates to historic events and people People CRMs deal with •Proponents •Government •Concerned groups •Conservation ethic Who owns the past? •Stewardship •Reburial, repatriation •Example of Kennewick Man •Lots of politics on sites •Being used for a lot of different things - used by pol with various intentions •Establish identity and authority •Authority - demonstrate long term occupation and claim to resources - Culturally modified trees - occupation and tradition validate authority •Identity - struggle for recognition and legitimacy in Western society perceived as question of identity CRM and Public Education •Not used as often as it should be •Help people understand arch as a discipline •Perceptions: •Students: study of the past •Academics: arch = history •General adult pop: geology and paleontology •Most don't understand arch record, think of arch as having little importance •What should public learn? •Arch done terrible job of education people of value of heritage resources Future of CRM: •Laws persist, grow as academic and business •International firms •Globalization •Careers: •Arch consulting •Government •Museums - very few, as poorly funded •Educational programs •Law Science •What is science? •Means of obtaining reliable, factual, objective
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