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Lecture 4

Week 4 - Organ Systems

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Biological Sciences
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BISC 101
Derek Bingham

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Week 4 – Introduction to Organ Systems 1 Integumentary System Components Functions  Skin  Protection  Hair  Temperature regulation  Nails  Eliminates wastes through perspiration  Sweat (sudoriferous) glands  Vitamin D production/conversion  Oil (sebaceous)glands  Sensory organ (i.e., touch, pain, temperature) Skeletal System Components Functions  Bones  Protection and support  Joints  Surface area for muscle attachments  Associated cartilages  Body movement  Houses cells that produce blood cells  Stores minerals and lipids Muscular System Components Functions  Skeletal muscle tissue (muscle attached to bones)  Helps with body movements like walking  Maintains posture  Produces heat Nervous System Components Functions  Brain  Generates action potentials to regulate activities  Spinal cord  Detects and interprets changes in internal/external  Nerves environments  Special sense organs like eyes and ears  Responds with muscular contractions or glandular secretions Endocrine System Components  Pineal, pituitary, and adrenal glands  Hormone-producing cells in several other organs  Hypothalamus  Thymus Functions  (Para)thyroid gland  Regulates body activities by releasing hormones  Pancreas (chemical messengers transported in blood from endocrine gland or tissue to target organ)  Ovaries/testes Cardiovascular system Components Functions  Blood  Heart pumps blood through vessels  Heart  Blood carries O /nutrients to, CO /wastes away 2 2  Blood vessels from cells; regulates pH, temperature,2H O content  Blood components defend agains
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