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Biological Sciences
BISC 202
Brent Sinclair

Put your name and student number on each page of your problem set. Make a copy of your assignment for your own records and as a backup. Due date: by noon on Friday, September 27 , 2013, in my office: SSB 6148 Problem Set 1 (35 marks total): Please answer the following questions in your own words. It is acceptable to discuss the questions with others in the class, but you must then write your answers on your own. Any copied answers will result in a zero for the problem set part of the course grade. For each question please explain your reasons for your answers, and/or show your calculations. 1) (5 marks) You are studying a newly discovered micro-organism and you find that the proportion of nuclear adenine it contains is 21%. Answer the following questions about the nuclear DNA content of this organism: a. What is the percentage of purines in this organism? Explain. b. What is the percentage of G in this organism? Show how you determined the answer. c. What is the percentage of T in this organism? Explain. d. What are you assuming about this new organism in order to answer parts a, b and c? 2) (10 marks) A fictional diploid cell contains three pairs of homologous chromosomes designated C1 and C2, M1 and M2, and S1 and S2. (Ignore crossing over.) I What combin
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