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Lecture 2

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 110
Diana Bedoya

Lecture 2 Chapter 1 Nutrition in Health in Disease • Malnutrition: when intake does not meet needs ­ Inadequate water leads to dehydration ­ Inadequate calcium promotes osteoporosis • Overnutrition: when intake exceeds body needs ­ Excess calories promotes obesity ­ Excess trans fat promotes hear disease ­ Too much carbs, fats, energy calories causes obesity ­ Overnutrition of one nutrition can cause disease - Balancing nutrition can decrease the risk of diseases in the future. - Both Nutrients and Genes, all together take role in diseases. Choosing a Healthy Diet • Eat variety of foods o Foods from difference groups and diverse foods from within these groups • Practice moderation o 적적적 적적적 - Sodium: produces electricity in our body, 적적적 적적적 적적적적적 적적 • Balance your choices o Nutrients o Energy in and energy out o Balance less healthy choices with healthier choices Evaluating Nutrition Information • The study of Nutrition o some evidence are more believable than others o credible nutrition information is founded on reputable studies based on the scientific method o Begins with hypothesis o Specific methods are used to test this hypothesis, results are then gathered and analyzed and conclusions are drawn based on the findings o Biochemistry, molecular biology and computer modelling techniques can be used to study nutrition using the scientific method o Collecting data is important o Data must be analyzed properly o Accurate conclusions must be drawn o Peer Review: process that scientists undergo to submit studies for publication o Helps ensure that studies have been properly conducted and that results have been properly analyzed • Epidemiological studies - Hypothesis is tested by observing (not manipulating). o Hypothesis is done to find patterns, and associations o Association DOES NOT equal causation; we cannot fully account for all the possible reasons for the observed outcome • Experimental studies o Hypothesis is tested under controlled conditions o Typically use 2 groups of similar subjects o Treatment group: undergoes the treatment o Control group: does not undergo treatment, my receive placebo o Observe differences between groups when only one/few variable are changed between the two groups - A study is increasingly credible if it is o Blind: the subjects don’t know which group they are in o Double – Blind: both the researchers and the subjects do not know who is in which group. IClicker Qs • Which of the following is the best definition of essential nutrients? o Needed to receive a healthy diet o You cannot make ess
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