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Kin 110 - Chapter 1

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 110
Leah Esplen

KIN 110 – CHAPTER 1 - Neophobia: A dislike of anything new - Nutrition: The science of foods and their components - Flavour: Taste and smell - Food choices affected by: Health status, genetics, environment, cognitive, sensory - Pica: The craving for and consumption of nonfood items Introducing the Nutrients - Nutrients: Any substances in food the body can use to obtain energy - Essential Nutrients: Substances that must be obtained in the diet - Phytochemicals: Substances in plants which provide health-benefits - Antioxidant: Substance that prevents oxidative damage to cells and tissues - Macronutrients: Nutrients which are needed in large amounts - Micronutrients: Nutrients needed in small amounts - Organic: Containing carbon - Inorganic: Not containing carbon - Amino Acid: Building blocks of protein - Vitamin: Organic compound needed for reproduction growth and maintenance of body - Minerals: Inorganic compounds needed for growth and regulation of body processes o Macrominerals: Minerals which are needed in large
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