Kins 140 Lecture 6 Prof Arnold

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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Anne- Kristina Arnold

kins lecture 6cardiovascular disease1KILLER IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD2 killer worldwidelifestyle diseaseAtherosclerosisa slow progressive hardening of the arteries by lifestyle development characterized by the build up of plaque on a blood vessel wallArteriosclerosis age related atherosclerosis pathological thickening damage to arterial wallsroughness of cell wall of smooth muscles arechemical from smokehigh blood pressure causes stretching causes some breaking of the musclesnutritional factorsCoronary Heart Diseasewhen plaque form in the bloodvessls that provide blood to the heartmay result in cardiac ishemia no enough blood to heart vesselscardiac arrhythmias firing of the signals to the heart is not normal abnormal heart rateheart attack MICardiac ischemiafailure of blood supply to the heartocclusion blockage of coronary arteriesangina pectoristranscient ischemia on exertionpressure crushingdilate arteries nitroglycerine angioplastycoronary bypass replace blocked arteriesocclusion of coronary arteriescompletemyocardial infarct MI infarctan area of tissue death heart attackoften first sign of CVD13 result in sudden death depends onsize of infarct collateral circulation weakstrong heart muscleSymptoms of a Heart Attacka tight ache heavy squeezing pain or discomfort in the centre of the chest which may last 30 minutes or more and is not relieved by rest
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