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Lecture 6

Kins 140 Lecture 6 Prof Arnold

Biomedical Physio & Kines
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BPK 140
Anne- Kristina Arnold

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lecture 6
cardiovascular disease
-#2 killer worldwide
-lifestyle disease
-a slow progressive hardening of the arteries (by lifestyle development) characterized by
the build up of plaque on a blood vessel wall
-Arteriosclerosis: age related
-atherosclerosis: pathological thickening :damage to arterial walls
-roughness of cell wall of smooth muscles are:
-chemical from smoke
-high blood pressure causes stretching causes some breaking of the muscles
-nutritional factors
Coronary Heart Disease:
-when plaque form in the bloodvessls that provide blood to the heart
-may result in
-cardiac ishemia: no enough blood to heart vessels
-cardiac arrhythmias: firing of the signals to the heart is not normal (abnormal heart rate)
-heart attack: (MI)
-Cardiac ischemia-failure of blood supply to the heart
-occlusion (blockage) of coronary arteries
-angina pectoris:
-transcient ischemia on exertion
-pressure, crushing
-dilate arteries: nitroglycerine, angioplasty
-coronary bypass: replace blocked arteries
-occlusion of coronary arteries
-myocardial infarct (MI) (infarct=an area of tissue death) “heart attack”
-often first sign of CVD
-1/3 result in sudden death, depends on:
-size of infarct, collateral circulation, weak/strong heart muscle
Symptoms of a Heart Attack:
-a tight ache, heavy, squeezing pain, or discomfort in the centre of the chest, which may
last 30 minutes or more and is not relieved by rest
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