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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Anne- Kristina Arnold

lecture 8KIN 140 Contemporary Health IssuesFall 2010 AnneKristina ArnoldLearning Objectives1Describe factors influencing positive health behavior change2Use different models of behavior change as they relate to health promotion and changing your own health behaviors3Identify key health behaviors you would like to change and identify specific factors supporting your attainment of that behaviorPreventionAny activity which reduces the burden of mortality or morbidity from disease ie actions now to prevent disease laterPrimary PreventionTo avoid development of disease Eg health promotionSecondary Prevention Early detection creating opportunities for early interventions to prevent progression to overt disease Eg Pap smearsTertiary Prevention Reducing the impact of established disease Eg treatment rehabilitationLife Choices Improving our Health through Personal behaviorsSleep minimum 7 hoursnight Healthy eating habits Weight management Physical activityAvoid tobacco products Safe sex Limit alcohol Regular medical checkupsThe Student LifeWhat are some health behaviors that may be more difficult to practice consistently when youre a studentstudents tend to be at risk of drug use alcohol bingeing smokingdorms are breeding ground for infectious diseasessecond hand smokeWhat are some strategies to overcome these difficultiesBehavior ChangeAre you ready for change takes about 3 months for permanent behavior change about 50 fail within 2 monthsFactors influencing positive health behavior change Predisposing FactorsEnabling FactorsReinforcing Factors
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