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Biomedical Physio & Kines
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BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

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Chapter 10 Lowering Risk of Major Diseases Cardiovascular Diseaseany disease that affects the heart or blood vessels Number one cause of death in the world 16 million Canadians have suffered the effects of heart disease or a strokeThe Cardiovascular System The Cardiovascular System is a transport system that brings blood full of oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and the body At the cell oxygen and fuels ex glucose fatty acids amino acids are used to generate ATP usable energyCHO6O6HO 6CO38 ATP 6 126222 Glucoseoxygen watercarbon dioxideENERGYWithout the ability to make ATP cells can die death of certain cells can lead to death of certain organs eg heart which can lead to the shut down of the human organism Atherosclerosisthe narrowing of blood vessels Begins with lesion increases blood pressure High blood cholesterol from fatty diet eg transfat deposits in lesion Macrophages try to help fill with cholesterol and explode which becomes worse Smooth muscle covers it upNarrowed artery Atherosclerosis in a major heart arterycoronary artery disease
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