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Lecture 3

BPK 143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: One-Repetition Maximum, Leg Curl, Bench Press

Biomedical Physio & Kines
Course Code
BPK 143
Tony Leyland

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Week 3
Part 1
Aerobic Fitness Testing
-Cooper Test: 12 minute run or walk test
-1.5 mile Run 483 Divided by time in decimal units +3.5 (VO2 Max)
-1.5 Mile run is more accurate
Lab Manual is Assessed via eText
-Tables are presented to show that classification tables are ‘population-specific”
-That is, what is “good’ depends on the group tested and hence you will see considerable
variation in terms of classification
-poor, average, good
-Have to be careful about classifications
-Huge variations can end up in the same category
Normal Distribution:
-Average = within two SD”s
-Which target heart range (during cardio endurance exercise
20-60 minutes of cardio for endurance training
Chapter 3 - Functional Anatomy Resistance Training
Only need to know the action, not insertion points
-Don’t need to know nerve supply, blood supply
-The skeleton is a point of attachment for our muscles. It provides a rigid series of levers on
which the muscles can pull
-skull, mandible, cervical
-You must be specific in naming muscles “not leg muscles”
Movement Terminology
-The muscle action (movement) is listed in the description of the exercise
-Arm reflection, abduction, etc
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