BPK 306 Lecture Notes - Phospholamban, Sodium-Calcium Exchanger, Adrenal Gland

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Arterioles and control of resistance: local factors, endothelial cells. Edrf = no: endothelium sm cgmp produces pkg, pkg = vasodilation, phosphorylates: Fxns: contraction of sm, hypertrophy of sm. L-type ca++ channel: myogenic response autoregulation (fig. Stretch sensitive nonspecific cation channels of sm: metabolites. Active hyperemia, ischemia: neural factors, sns. Smaller influence than sns: endocrine factors, catecholamines. Sns/low kidney pressure/low na renin converts angiotensinogen angiontensin i ace angiotensin ii. Incr arterial pressure, venous pressure, and venous resistance increases hydrostatic pressure: decr arterial pressure, venous pressure, and increase arterial resistance decr hydrostatic pressure, hypertension and hemorrhage, pinocytosis, nondiffusible molec transport ii. Lymphatics (*10l of lymphatic fluid total) (2l per day back into veins: fluid balance, hydrostatic pressure b. Internal jugular veins: flow is caused by, negative thorax pressure during inspiration, skeletal muscular contractions, one way valves, sm layer aids return to veins, nodes containing leukocytes, immunity, lipid support, collect large lipids from digestive system.