KIN 325-Unit 1 Study Objectives

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 325
Josephine Anthony

KIN 325Unit 1Anatomical Terminology and Organization of TissuesObjectives1List and describe the standard anatomical positionin this position the person stands erect with feet together and eyes forwardthe palms face anteriorly with the thumbs pointed away from the bodyright and left refer to those sides belonging to the person being vieweddivisions of the bodyaxial regionthe headthe necktrunk regionthoraxabdomenpelvisperineumappendicular regionupper limb shoulder to palmlower limb pelvis to feet2List and describe the anatomical planes of the human bodyfrontal plane frontal section through the torsodivides the body into anterior and posterior partstransverse plane transverse section through the torsoruns horizontally from right to left dividing the body into superiorinferior partscross sectionsmedian midsagittal plane median sectionsagittal planes divide the body into rightleft parts3Explain each of the directional terms used to describe structural features of the human bodysuperior cranial toward the head end or upper part of a structure or the body aboveex the head is superior to the abdomeninferior caudal away from the head end or toward the lower part of a structure or the body belowex the navel is inferior to the chinanterior ventral toward or at the front of the body in front ofex the breastbone is anterior to the spineposterior dorsal toward or at the back of the body behindex the heart is posterior to the breastbonemedial toward or at the midline of the body on the inner side ofex the heart is medial to the armlateral away from the midline of the body on the outer side of
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