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Lecture 2

BUS 237 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Cobit, Isaca, Green Computing

Business Administration
Course Code
BUS 237
Zorana Svedic

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Business structure = assessed w/5 Forces Model after this, competitive strategy can be
o Strategy used = supported through primary & secondary activities in VC
So, organizational strategy requires competitive strategy, which requires VC that are made up of
BP supported by IS & IT
o Org strategy comp strategy VS BP IS/IT
Chief info officer (CIO) = principal manager of IT dpt, reports to CEO, COO, or CFO
Chief tech officer (CTO) = heads the tech group in tech office, sorts through new ideas/products
to identify those most relevant to org
Operations = manages computing infrastructure (individual comps, comp centers, networks,
CMNS media) and monitors user experience & responds to user concerns/problems
Development = manages projects that acquire new IS & maintains existing IS
Outsourcing relations = handles affairs w/outsourcing vendors
Data administration = protects data/info assets by establishing data standards/management
practices & policies
Most highly-demanded IT jobs require mix of interpersonal CMNS + tech skills
o Need to bridge gap between computer technicians & business system users
o Challenge to effectively managing IS: understanding both org strategy & IT architecture
IT architecture = basic framework for all computers, systems, info management
o Is complex, and complexity is increasing as more services & technologies are used
o Methods that organize IT arch:
Reach-range framework
Reach extent to which an org is integrated
Range type of f’ality
Zachman framework
Divides system into 2 dimensions:
o 6 reasons for CMNS
Who: people
What: data
When: time
Where: network
Why: motivation
Ho: f’
o Stakeholder groups
Planner, owner, designer, builder, implementer, worker
Eterprise arhiteture = reates lueprit of a org’s IS & anagement of these systems
o Provides overview that helps people understand current investments in tech and plan
for changes
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