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Lecture 2

BUS 272 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Fundamental Attribution Error, Brown Hair, Stereotype

Business Administration
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BUS 272
Christopher Zatzick

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BUS 272 Lecture 2: Perception, Personality, and Emotions
The process with which individuals detect and interpret environmental
Hear, smell, touch, see, taste
Different perception influenced by experiences
Factors influencing perception
It’s about what you notice and perceive (how it canges under different
The Perceiver
oBased on backround, values, experiences and by the target
The Target
o“ baby sleeping” you wouldn’t notice it but if it was crying you would
perceive it
The situation
oBaby in a classroom its weird but not in the maternity wing
oPerception changes in context
Attribution Theory
When individuals observe behaviour, they attempt to determine whether it is
internally or externally caused.
Attributions depend on:
oDistinctiveness (is it for all other context or just one)
 highly distinct could be a external cause
oConsensus (everyone or just one)
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Common errors about attribution
Fundamental Attribution Error
oWe don’t always think about external caused
oWe assume that others people behaviour are internally caused
oOften make errors
Self-Serving Bias
oWhen I do something good, it’s because it’s internally caused; When I
do something bad it’s externally caused
oPoor grade: “maybe I’m not smart/hard exam”
oGood grade: “yeah I’m intelligent”
How looks affect every affect of our lives
When brunette, most cars went by or people told her how to do it
But when blond and good looking, people helped
Good looking at the job: got the job and warmest voice
Less good looking at the job: never got the job
“because of the voice” they think that better looking people have more package
First grade student: which was the better teacher “better looking people were
Pretty and homely
Face with classic figures
Attractive defendents were more likely to be seen innocent or with less harsh
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