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Business Administration
BUS 343
Robert Krider

By Mark Liangco | BUS 343 Chapter 13 (Week 10) The Communications Mix: 1) Personal Selling - A direct contact between a firm’s representative and a customer, involving a range of communication activities o Features two way communication o Flexible message content Approaches to Personal Selling: 1) Transactional Marketing – putting on the hard sell. - Pushy sales person 2) Relationship selling – countering the tarnished image - Seeking to develop a mutually satisfying relationship with the customer so that they can work together to satisfy each other’s needs. A good salesperson can be an inexpensive source of customer information ie, a form of market research. 2) Public Relationships - Communication strategies to build good relationships with an organization’s stakeholders. - Goal here is to not make a sale but to establish a good relationship. o Annual reports, crisis management are part of public relations. 3) Direct Marketing - Communication method that expects a response from customers - You directly market to individual consumers. Expecting them to purchase a product from you. - The Dark Side: Junk Mail, Spam - The Bright Side: Database Marketing 4) Sales Promotion - Short-term incentives or programs to encourage the trial, purchase or sale of a product or service. o Contests, coupons, and rebates o Information seminars, product demonstrations, special events o Specialty advertising o Loyalty programs - This is where the 4Ps come in!. 5) Advertising - Non-personal, paid communication from an id
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