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Lecture 2

Bus 345 Week 2 Reading + Notes

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 345
Jason Ho

Ch 4 Research Design Exploratory Research and Qualitative Data p58 p60Plan of ActionResearch design a framework or plan for a study used as a guide to collect and analyze data Blueprintmakes sure the study is relevant to the problem and uses economical proceduresTypes of Research DesignsExploratory Research discovery of ideas and insights Narrow and refine questionsFormulates problems more preciselydevelop hypothesisestablish priorities for researcheliminate impractical ideasclarify conceptsDescriptive Research determining the frequency with which something occurs or the relationship between two variablesage demographic gender geographic location Describe the segment characteristicsestimate proportion of people who behave in a certain waymake specific predictionsCausal Research determining cause and effect relationships and these are studied via experimentsProvide evidence regarding causal relationships by means of concomitant variation time order in which variables occur elimination of other explanationsCh 7 Data Coll
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