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July 10 Case Study Lecture Notes

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Business Administration
BUS 360W
Kevin Stewart

 Identify and evaluate the assumptions made by Mertin. Are they strong assumptions or weak assumptions? o Her audience wants what’s best for the employees and the company –Strong o This is a problem with enormous scope –Weak o Inaction will lead to massive lawsuits –Weak o All office relationships are problematic –Weak o The junior accountants she discovered are telling the truth –Weak o The only people who will oppose the complete bad she’s suggesting will be people in illicit relationships themselves –Weak o People will agree that sex both in the workplace and between superiors and subordinates is wrong –Strong o People who cheat on spouses will also be deceitful at work –Weak  Identify the appeals used in this proposal. Are they effective? o Strengths  Metrin’s position as a human resources manager (built-in credibility)  Mertin is familiar to the audience  Mertin is trying to do what’s best for the company and its employees  “We have always been concerned about the health and welfare of our employees…” –Paragraph 1 o Weaknesses  Mertin’s extreme position and emotionally charged language makes her seem unreasonable  Mertin tries to assert the moral high ground but comes off as condescending and morally superior, likely alienating much of her audience o Logical Appeal -Strengths  Dr. Minor’s expert opinion  Supports Mertin’s argument  But… who is Dr. Derek Minor?  Mertin’s ‘industry statistics’  Supports Mertin’s argument  But… there is no information provided on how the statistics were collected  The Aegent Study  Supports Mertin’s argument  Study methodology provided  Previous positive feedback about Aegent’s past work for Nettworth o Logical Appeal –Weaknesses  Skewed/biased “expert” opinion fallacy  The employees have every reason to lie and exaggerate the extent of the issue to make themselves look better in comparison.  Hasty generali
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