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Business Administration
BUS 381

Dessler & Cole Human Resources Management in Canada Canadian 11th Edition Performance Management Performance Management - process encompassing all activities related to improving employee performance, productivity,and effectiveness Performance Management Process 1. defining performance expectations 2. providing ongoing feedback and coaching 3. conducting performance appraisal and evaluation discussions 4. determining performance rewards/consequences (e.g., promotions, salary, increases and bonuses) 5. conducting development and career opportunities diPearson Canada Inc. Step 1: Defining Performance Expectations -job description often insufficient to clarify performance expectations -measurable standards should be developed for each position Why Performance Appraisal? Appraisal Programs Administrative Developmental Compensation Ind. Evaluation Promotion Training Discipline Career Planning Step 3A: How to Do Performance Appraisal? (1) Trait Methods Graphic Rating Scale Results-Oriented Methods Management by Objectives (MBO) Step 3A: How to Do Performance Appraisal? (2) Behavioral Methods Critical Incident Method Narrative Forms Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales Interpersonal skills 1 The understanding, support and tact shown by these employees make them the choice for: difficult negotiations with others; reaction to sensitive business ideas; ability to resolve conflict between individuals. Is recognised company Exceeds standards wide for consistency in interpersonal skills 2 This person is seen by others as genuinely interested in their welfare. Able to make others feel comfortable when asked to conduct discussions of even the most sensitive and stressfu l subjects. Is recognised department wide for consistency in interpersonal skills 3 This person could be expected to show courtesy, tact and understanding in Meets standards interactions with co -workers, subordinates, customers and visitors even under sensitive circumstances. 4 This person occasionally might have lapses in courtesy, tact and understanding in sensitive and stressful situations, but lapses would be confined to internal employees and not customers/visitors. Person could be expected to
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