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BUS 381 - Chapter 2

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 381
Natalie Zhao

By Mark Liangco | BUS 381 Chapter 2 – The Changing Legal Emphasis: From Compliance to Valuing Diversity Canada’s Employment Law Framework 1) Constitutional Law (Charter of Rights and Freedoms) 2) Legislated Acts of Parliament (Income Tax Act) 3) Regulations o legally binding rules developed by human rights commissions o they help handle complains 4) Common Law (Judicial precedents) o Refers to accumulation of court rulings that are made by judges in the past. 5) Contract Law o Collective agreements/employment contracts Labor Standards Legislation - Establish minimum entitlements for employees o minimum wage, holidays and vacation o maternity/parental leave o bereavement and compassionate care leave o termination notice and overtime pay - Set limit on maximum number of work hours permitted per day or week - Require equal pay for equal work (male and female workers) Charters of Rights and Freedoms (1982) - The biggest legislation that affects HRM. - Focus: Equality and equal opportunity in terms of legal rights and freedom Unions love the charter because it protect the employees (which is their job) - Because of the freedom of peaceful assembly (strike) and - The freedom of association Human Rights Legislati
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