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BUS 381 - Chapter 6

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Business Administration
BUS 381
Natalie Zhao

By Mark Liangco | BUS 381 Chapter 6 – Recruitment Recruitment - Process of searching for and attracting qualified and an adequate number of applicants from which the employer will select the staff needed to meet ob requirements. The success of recruitment determines the success of selection How can we know that the recruitment process is successful? 1) Quantity of applicants (output) 2) Quality of applicants (output) 3) At the minimum cost (input) 4) In the shortest amont of time. (input) Constraints in the recruitment process Organizational policies - Promote-from-within policies - Compensation o the starting salary can dictate whether the applicant will apply or no Inducements of competitors - Child care centre for applicants. Employment equity plans Labor shortages - if there is a labour shortage, recruiters have to spend tome and plan carefully so that they can compete with those limited number of applicants Internal Recruiting Advantages: • enhanced morale if competence is rewarded • more commitment to company goals • longer-term perspective on business decisions • more accurate assessment of candidate’s skills • less orientation required Disadvantage • discontent of unsuccessful candidates • time consuming to post and interview all candidates if one is already preferred • employee dissatisfaction with insider as new boss • possibility of ‘inbreeding’ • Only a select departments gets promoted(ie the sales department) External Recruiting Advantages: • larger, more diverse pool of qualified candidates • acquisition of new skills and knowledge for creative problem solving • elimination of rivalry for transfers/promotions • cost savings from hiring skilled individuals with no need for training Disadvantages • Newcomers may not fit in • Newcomers take longer to learn about the organization • Usually more expensive • Lowered morale and motivation of current employees By Mark Liangco | BUS 381 How to Recruit within the Organization 1) Job Posting - Instead of advertising the job position to the public, you publish it within in your company. 2) Human Resource Records - Keep track of the allocation of Human Resource - 3 type of applicants to look for o Over qualified for their current jobs o Already have all the skills and knowledge for the vacant position o Someone who has the potential to fill the job position worth training. 3) Skill Inventories - This inventory is a list of the skills you bring with you from all of your past work, volunteer and personal experiences. Closed recruitment - They rely only on the human resource records and skills inventories for the vacant position - You have to make sure (as the employee) that the HR department has your most updated skills and knowledge to get a better chance at promotion How to recruit outside the organization 1) online recruiting - Very fast, and getting popular - Will receive a number of applicants that may not be qualified. - Through... o Internet job boards o Social Networking Sites  Be careful! Unhappy employees or customers might post on your wall. o Corporate career websites  A better option than internet job boards because applicants that apply thru here are generally people who want to work for you.. 2) print advertising - still used by current employees - Will receive a number of applicants that may not be qualified. - Media to use depends on type of position & type of candidate o entry level positions in HR - local newspaper within a university or billboards in a universe o Higher HR position - national newspapers and journals. - Construction of the ad: o AIDA (attention; interest; desire; action) o want ads vs. blind ads  They don’t tell you the required ability of employees.  people do not like to respond to blind ads  you cannot tell whether you want this job or not Why use Blind Ads? 1) Unhappy with current employee
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