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BUS 446 - Lecture 1

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Business Administration
BUS 446
Lindsay Meredith

1. A Diagramatical Template for Business Market Demand Estimation  Read that ASAP  40% of the grade – Presentation  If you do well on this, Marketing Plan is easier 2. Marketing Plan  based on this Demand Estimation 3. Participation  MUST participate  “Debate”  you’re assigned to argue against each other 4. Rewarding for Trying, not being Right  Don’t be a jerk and belittle others 9:30 – 11ish  10-15 break; don’t be late Essay  10 Pages Max  12 point font, Geneva/Times  Double spaced  1 inch header, 1 inch footer, 1 inch margins  Get them interested in what you’re presenting  usually 2-3 pages IRL, 3-4 max usually. o If it interests them, then they’ll make it into a project  ANY Marketing Topic you like o B to B, B to C, Non Profit, Governmental, Political, Religious, Socially sensitive (Birth control, Feminine hygiene products in different countries, how to attract people into military)  Everything has to get marketed in life  Clear the topic with Lindsay first though  No Intro  No Exec Summary 1. Objective  “What am I going to do here? What is this essay about? Why are you reading it? (Why is it important?)”  2. Literature Review  Convince the reader by providing evidence of reading  First 5 pages is the Literature review (?)  Outline: o Do a brief summary of articles (5 referred journal articles min.) Popular press, television, magazines are ok after the 5  Author first, title of article, journal it came from, volume number, date, page o 5 pages  here’s what they found  Pro/Con : What I liked, why it sucks  2-3 lines for each article, or maybe a paragraph if important
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