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Lecture 7

BUS 446 - Lecture 7

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Business Administration
BUS 446
Lindsay Meredith

Lexicographic Ordering  If they have this hidden in the back of their head, make sure you know  There needs to be a given quantity of a certain attribute, if it’s not there, all other attributes become negated o Could be price, distribution, brand image, snob appeal, etc  Can be anything  Also happens to B2B customers Awareness and Interest  Level of perception where you decide to get more information  Something happens that sparks your interest in certain products o Open perception over “cars” if that’s what you’re looking at Interest + Evaluation  Term: Top of Mind – When people are asked to name their top 5 brands, the names brought up are the top of mind. Evaluation, maybe trial  Weakness of Trial o The customer realizes they don’t like your product  If people walk, then something is wrong with the product or service Confirmation  If the confirm
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