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Lecture 3

CMNS 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Middle Power, Canadian Identity

Course Code
CMNS 210
Itrath Syed

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Permanent media binds time decentralization and hierarchy
Impermanent media binds space centralization and empire
The development of paper and printing linked to centralization of political authority
and imperialism
The computer does not impose on us the ways it should be used.
o Or does it?
o Technology exists within a certain set of material relations, political structure,
and epistemological paradigms
o It is a product of that
o Technology does not impose upon us it is the context of it origins which impose
on us
o But is it imposition if there is no self/reality outside the context?
o Is it an imposition or a construction?
o They exclude certain forms of community and permit others
What is the national imagery?
o American?
o British? empire, queen E
o Canadian? hockey, maple, middle power
o Imagined political community imagined as both inherently limited and
Narrative constructive, hide some facts
Technological nationalism
o Specific part of the Canadian national imagery
o The railway is the dream of the nation made manifest
o The technology makes Canada and is a product of it the railway and the nation
are co-constituted
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