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Lecture 10

CMNS 221 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: African-American Culture, The Foundations, Live Fast, Die Young (Film)

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CMNS 221
Martin Laba

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November 8th, 2016
CMNS 221 Week 10 Lecture Notes
Ted Talk The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs
- Architectural wasteland
- What are the consequences for civil engagement and communication?
- Fear of the industrial city which shows the shift to suburbia
o Industrial city was seen as dysfunctional
o Crowded and plenty of minority workers (employed by factories)
- Theme of suburbia
- Suburbs are categorically different
o Those living in suburbs are usually privileged?
o Born into wealth (e.g. Trump)
o As if it’s god gie
- Brig e your huddled asses
o They will have a home in America
o Sonnet by Lazarus
- Cities developed by this
o People seeking sanctuary
- Fear of the others
o People oig to North Aeria eause it as see as the e orld full of
- Suburbs became the place to flee
o From the immigrants and marginalized groups
o Green lawns, luxurious, the victory of the domination of the automobile as well
o Houses built as structures behind garages
o Suburban houses are built for cars not humans
- “uura failies are ofte sared of the ities
o Suburbs have the higher crime rate
o People eig afraid of the DTE“ ut it’s ot atually dagerous
- The new urbanism
o We are going to have to redo essentially everything
Live closer to work
Grow food closer to where we live
Relearn the building blocks
o Re-localize that support meaningful social interaction
o Thoughtful communication
o Design of space are important because they affect thoughtful communication and
meaningful relationships
- Ex mayor of Bogo
o Design and conceptualization
o Priority of people over automobiles
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November 8th, 2016
o The call for a much more informed approach to localization
The foundations of a democratic civic culture
The stakes are crucial
Environmental issues related to transportation and community design
Does’t hae to e diret politial atio
Just needs to affect it somehow
- The gardes at “t. Paul’s
o West end neighbourhood
o Interactions at the gardens
o I do’t uderstad ho this is releat??
I Have a Dream NBA Commercial
- Martin Luther King speech playing in the background
- Controversial and practical practice of selling social issues
- Every marketer and advertisers know to encode messages about their companies and social
o Exploiting social progress and social change
o Exploiting social issues
o These companies promise a portion of money goes to whatever foundation
But you do’t ko here the oey is goig
You do it to feel like a good person
Martin Luther King Jr.
- Establishing the call and response and repetition from African American culture
o Judge ot y the olour of their ski ut the otet of their harater
- What does this have to do with the NBA
o Most definitive exploitive (my opinion)
o Defining moment in history used for a commercial about the NBA
o The NBA is presenting itself as a breaker of barriers
Just because there are plenty of African American players in basketball, does
that mean this speech can still be exploited?
o System of propaganda
- Powerful story but what is the story about
o Is it a story of the NBA and the inclusion of African American players?
o Or is it a story of the emancipation of African Americans?
- Confederate flag
o People are still flying it
o The flag promotes and celebrates slavery
Canadian Tire We all stand up / play for Canada baseball ad
- Encapsulating that uses social issues
- State of the art communication is advertising
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