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Lecture 9

CMNS 221 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Frankfurt School, Commodity Fetishism, Max Horkheimer

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CMNS 221
Martin Laba

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November 1st, 2016
CMNS 221 Week 9 Lecture Week
Public Space, Civic Life, and Communication
- Relationship to the space and social communication
- Urban life is entirely based on social communication
Monstrosity of Suburbia
- Urban vs. Suburban life
o Difference in Canada, USA, and internationally
Review from Last Week
Critique of Mass Culture
- Debilitating
- Critical, political, social thought and from right winged mass culture is problematic
o Seen as problematic from both left and right winged
- Frankfurt school
o Adorno and Horkheimer saw and understood the culture industries
o Mass culture = mass deception
o Think of Williams
Pleasures and distractions
We are subjected to commodity fetishism
Views are obscured by material objects
Promotes classism
- Domination of Western culture
o Do’t eed to establish power only need to engineer marketing places
o Marxist theory
- Cultural institutions as capitalism
Culture was a way to dominate and understand the world
- Authority
- Think of independent campaigns
o Do’t do ell ad usually do ot get elected
Frankfurt school assumption
- We have needs and we also have social needs
o Creative independent, autonomous, control for our own destiny
o Meaningful democratic collective
o These eeds a’t e fulfilled i high osueris i oder apitalis i its false
We do’t eed ay of the shit e at
False needs
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