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CMNS 321 Lecture Notes - Term Paper

Course Code
CMNS 321
Darryl Cressman

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All readings available online.
All musics are popular music.
Music-ing: take part in any musical performance by rehearsing, composing, dancing.
Music is about a relationship with music. Engaging with a relationship with music.
The context on how music is consumed.
Music is meaningful
What is the function of music?
Pleasure of music is due to the fact that listeners identified with it.
“Almost every other song is a love song” – we like to identifiy with it.
Music helps us to organize a sense of time.
Send music if u want .
Next week: history of popular of music.
When did it begin/become popular.
The music has been started since 1917.
Historical perspective allow us to understand what the future might hold.
When we understand history of recording industry, we understand better of the
future and what goes on next.
Listening to music and think differently of musical culture.
Media is the message.
Content is more important.
Music from the margin: different musical culture emerge. The music we love usually
come from people that are not well off.
Week 5: subculture how music is being transferred. How it is travelling.
1st assignment: June 20th short writing assignment. Opportunity to gauge the
material. Engage in musical culture through readings done in the semester.
Readings up to week 6. Don’t talk about what the songs are but more of why is the
music is meaningful? Question is very meaningful.
Term paper: 40%
The term paper is about whatever they want. Talk about the term paper pretty
early. Do research. Start thinking about it before week 10!!!
Final exam: Take home exam.
Treat it like an essay.
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