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Web Forms
Server and Client-Side Programs
•Web pages can become dynamic by writing code for them with a programming language (e.g.
•There are two places where this code can run
-On the server
-On the client (i.e. in the browser)
•Both are useful for different things
•Server-side programs run on a web server (i.e. the same computer that has a site's HTML
pages, images, etc.)
•These programs are used when a web page …
-Must use or modify information that is on the web server that is, information that is not on
the client's computer
-Needs the web server to provide a service that the client cannot do itself
•Some server-side languages are Python, PHP and ASP
-PHP and ASP are more commonly used than Python, but are more difficult to learn
•Server-side programs are often referred to as CGI
•Some examples of server-side programs
•Search engines (e.g. Google)
-Performing a Google search involves looking through a catalog of web pages
-This catalog is on a web server, not on your computer
•University registration systems
-Systems like these have a catalog of course information
-This catalog is, again, on a web server
•Online shops (e.g. Amazon)
-The catalog with all the product information is on a web server
-Also, when you buy something online, you send a message to the web server to say what you
want, and where to ship it
•Online email programs (e.g. Gmail)
-When you send an email, it's the web server that figures out how to deliver it
•Client-side programs, unlike server-side programs, run only on the client's computer (usually
in a web browser)
•Client-side programs are used when no interaction with the web server is necessary
•Some client-side languages are JavaScript, VBScript, and Flash
•Java can also be used to write client-side programs called applets
•Client-side programs are typically used to add visual effects to static pages that can't be done
with HTML
•For example
-Menus that appear when you mouse-over them
-Animations/sounds that play when you click on links
-Parts of the page that appear/disappear/ change with a mouse-click
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