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Cognitive Science
COGS 100
Michael Picard

Duality of patterning - The property that meaningful units such as morphemes are made up of meaningless units such as phonemes, which can be recombined over and over again to make different words. Arbitrariness - Relationship between the sounds/spelling of a word and its meaning is not predictable. Generative capacity - Recombine morphemes, words and sentences to convey a potentially infinite number of thoughts. Sentences within sentences. Ability to make a new sentences and for everyone to be able to understand. Recursion - Embedding of pieces of a sentence (or whole) inside other pieces or sentences. Can you explain verbal behaviour through explanations of learning? What’s the capacity of language? Words and rules - Language: set of symbol and principles for the combination of these signs, which allow for communication and comprehension. - Mental lexicon: set of all words a person knows. - Grammar: rules for combining units at each language level – sounds, words, and sentences. Design features of language - Semanticity: fact that parts of language refer to aspects of reality. - Arbitrariness: represent but are not like that to which they refer. - Displacement: communication of ideas/things remote in time and space. - Prevarication: potential for deception use of language. - Reflectiveness: thinking and communicating about language. - Productivity: hearers understand new unique info. - G
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