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Cognitive Science
COGS 100
Michael Picard

Electromagnetic Spectrum - Colour is a secondary quality, a relation between light entering eye and brain function, a construct of the mind, not a quality in objects. (Colour is within us) - Primary qualities are quantifiable, mathematical, and external. Galileo (1623) The book of Nature “is written in language of math.” Newton (1721) “For the rays, to speak properly, are not coloured.” - Adding lights increases intensity and brightness. Adding pigments subtracts reflected wavelengths (by expanding range of absorption) Colour attributes – primary and secondary - Three main physical properties along with their corresponding mental qualities: Wavelengths: Corresponds to experiences of hue Intensity: Corresponds to experience brightness Purity:1 - Hue: the colour. Ex) Blue, red, orange, green. - Dichromatic (colours but no red); Achromatic (black and white) Colour vision: Opponent process - Why do we see afterimages of complementary colours? - Opponent-process theory (Hering 1834-1918) states that colour wision came about from three opposing process Black and white;
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