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Simon Fraser University
Cognitive Science
COGS 100
Michael Picard

A Marrian model of unity/integration - The computational level is the privileged level of explanation. Problem for Marr approach - It cannot work as a general model of COG. Marr’s model is only applicable to modular systems.  It requires an indo-processing task sufficiently circumscribed to be solvable algorithmically. -> Domain-specificity.  Algorithms must be computationally tractable – there can only be a limited number of representational primitives and parameters (on pain of frame problem) Computational analysis and modularity - Basic idea – modular systems are specialized for carrying out very specific info-processing tasks. - Two versions:  Fodor modules  Darwinian modules - Differ over the extent to which the system (…) Examples of modules - Fodor:  Marr’s early visual system  Face recognition  Syntactic parsing of heard utterances modularity and computational analysis - Computational analysis can only work for systems performing (…) Setting the stage - Last (…) The perceptron: an early neural net - Th
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