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Simon Fraser University
Cognitive Science
COGS 100
Michael Picard

Tiana CHAN 301201275 COGS 100 – Assignment: Binoculars experiment Due date: Thursday September 20th Professor: Mr Picard Method First thing I did was understand the experiment – In the light, examine two different pictures through homemade binoculars made of toilet paper rolls. To do so these were the steps that followed: Step 1 - Unroll two rolls of toilet paper until all you have are the two cardboard singular cylinders. Step 2 - Go on the Internet and search for two images that are different and random to each other yet have equal quality features (ex: size, perspective, dimension, colour etc…) Image 1 – Polar Bear Image 2 - Zebra Step 3 – Tape/glue together the two cardboard singular cylinders so that they are parallel to each other (side-by-side). Step 4 - Cut out the images and tape/glue them on the same side at the end of each cylinder so that the image covers the holes at the end of the cylinders. Step 5 - In the light, look through the binoculars and focus on the pictures. Step 6 - Write your observations and results down. Observations Here are the observations I distinguished: - As I was looking through the binoculars, the two images seemed to be merg
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