COGS 100 Lecture Notes - Multiple Realizability, Elementary Arithmetic, Noam Chomsky

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TakeHome Exercise Picard COGS 100 (D900): Exploring the Mind
Name_____________________________ Stud #:______________ Due Date: in class Tues., Nov. 13.
1. Explain Tolman’s concepts of the dependent, independent and intervening variables.
What is the significance of this distinction for Cognitive Science?
2. Give your own example of hierarchically organized behaviour. Explain in detail how it cannot be explained in
terms of stimulus-response concepts or response learning.
3. Give an example of a genuine algorithm, perhaps from elementary arithmetic or perhaps from everyday life.
Present it in detail.
4. State the Church-Turing Thesis. Explain how it entails that any computer running a program is simply a large and
fast Turing Machine.
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