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Lecture 6

Week 6 Reading Notes

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CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

CMNS 110 – Week 6 Readings Anchoring the (Postmodern) Self? Body Modification, Fashion and Identity by Paul Sweetman Body modifications such as tattoos and piercings has become more popular, and is now a superficial trend - Incorporation of the ‘exotic’ into the fashion system Postmodern fashion as an eclectic free-for-all – anything and everything is up for grabs; described as a “supermarket of style” What is fashionable is what is popular Permanent body decorations (tattoos and certain piercings) is anti-fashion True fashion is a system of continual and perpetual change Tattoos and piercings as expressions of the self – contemporary body projects - Attempts to construct and maintain a coherent and viable sense of self-identity through attention to the body - Deliberate attempt to symbolically defy change - Anti-fashion – refers to all styles of adornment which falls outside the organized system of fashion change - Act of self-creation - Makes you feel individual ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dedicated followers of fashion? The influence of popular cultture on children’s social identities by Sharon Boden Three interlinked issues: 1. Contemporary consumer culture and its obsession with
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