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Lecture 5

CMNS 110 Lecture 5: Reading - James C. Morrison - “Marshall McLuhan – The Modern Janus”

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CMNS 110
Daniel Ahadi

“Marshall McLuhan – The Modern Janus” Author(s): James C. Morrison Reading note ________________________________________________________________________________ The main purpose of this article is the author highlights McLuhan’s works and helps us to dispel the common misunderstanding of McLuhan’s work, clarify it for those who are struggling with its challenges, and introduce it to those engaging it for the first time (p.80). The key question that the author is what is McLuhan’s opinion on media and technology and how does he think of the impact on us? The most important information in this article is the author uses the biography of McLuhan, citation from other people opinion, citation from McLuhan’s work and diagrams to support his argument. The main conclusions in this article are People should recognize technologies as media and all media as outerings or extension of ourselves. (p.103) Also, technologies are parts of us and define who we are. The key concept(s): Global village: inspired from a sentence in Lewis’s work, allude the international connectedness fostered by telepho
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