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Lecture 11

CMNS 110 Lecture 11: Reading - Dwight E. Brooks and Lisa P. Hébert - GENDER, RACE, AND MEDIA REPRESENTATION

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CMNS 110
Daniel Ahadi

GENDER, RACE, AND MEDIA REPRESENTATION Author(s): Dwight E. Brooks and Lisa P. Hébert Reading note ________________________________________________________________________________ The main purpose of this article is the author tried to demonstrate how the media frame our social identities and perspectives on different culture, race and gender. Also, the representation of race and gender from different perspective are being social constructed by the media and media are the central to what come to represent our social realities right now. The key question that the author is how does the media frame our social identities? How those representations from the media socially constructed our lives and based on what factors? What is the dentition of media in different ethnic group? How does media work based on different factors? The most important information in this article is the author uses scholars’ examples (e.g. Wallace & hooks on Spike Lee’s work), movie and TV shows example, different research result (e.g. Lee and Cho (2003)) and critical race theory, magazine and particular races and gender topic to support his argument. The main conclusions in this article are there is not only one way to look at the media. In fact, media does not only happen in one group in society but happens into a mixture of groups in the society. The issue on how media socially constructed our lives, especially the perspective on how we perceive culture, race and gender, will constantly continue to happen and it is an ongoing issue. It is important for us to see how the idea of media constructed happen in our society. The key concept(s): Feminism: we see feminism tend to have privilege gender and white women over other social categories of experience, a multidisciplinary approach to social analysis that emphasizes gender as a major structuring component of
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