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An Alternative Current in Surveillance and Control Brodcasting Surveillance Footage of Crimes.docx

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CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

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An Alternative Current in Surveillance andControl: Brodcasting Surveillance Footage of Crimes - surveillance used as a video wanted poster or for promotional purposes - home taped surveillance can be handed over to media to identify suspects - has a cultural aspect of making crimes more real - it moves us toward a more emotionally chargen vegenance approach to crime and contron Explanations for the Trend - increase in surveillance through video cameras - increase in video cameras in large public areas - more human and electronic informants - video surveillance of crimes also picked up for entertainment shows - police become a large part of news informants - used as video wanted posters - why would the police give the media videos of crimes? o publizing the technology o promote successes o keep friendly with journalists o donations - some crimes only get media attention because there is video surveillance of it (visual aspect good for television) Rethinking Media Influences - Medium Theory - tv and other electronic media broke down social barriers because it gave everyone the same information - tv makes everyone more visible, more equal - media won’t be democratic if everyone isn’t able to use it and power over it is not equally distributed - 4 categories as to why media works against the less powerful o police institutional factors  police define the cause of the crime and give the footage to back it up  police are the gatekeepers of information  police prime source for crime news  other causes not id’d by police not given media coverage  police often control what video the media gets o media “ “  focuses on violent individual crimes, not the bigger issue o existing broader cultural understandings of crime  crimes of lower class made more visible to elite  bias when monitoring  male, young, black o properties of visual media - the media often only showing street crimes by young or minority groups have an impact on the way we think - the public does not believe everything they see or in the way the media projects it - media does not simply create public views and attitudes
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