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CMNS 110 November 15 Notes

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CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

CMNS 110 November 15, 2011 Film/Cinema “Film languages” Cinema and Communication: • The World Viewed (Cavell) Film is more powerful than other arts; books, newspaper, theatre The film is greater than the parts put together The connotation > The denotation “The power of film” Films are edited; editing is crucial React to film with what WE project to the images; evoking reactions of audience They transform the nature of acting; changed it to a different kind of art form Achieving authenticity = must be “like a movie” Students have learned more from movies than high school education (even university education) New media are always blamed for society’s ills; had to go through a phase where it has been demonized Fear of change; but if made morally acceptable/educative “it’s okay” • In American movies before 1960’s, the Production Code dictated that characters got shot without bleeding, argued without swearing, and had babies without copulating. – Linda Williams, Sex and Sensation • Production (making films); wanting to work in the “industry”; money hole • Distribution (sending them to the theatres); make money; monopolistic practices • Exhibition (their actual run in the movie houses); make money; monopolistic practices • It is with the rise of the Hollywood studio system that the three processes were integrated Two optical principles necessary for vision: 1. Persistence of vision • Once we see and image, it stays in our mind, available for a short period of time; “in your mind’s eye” • Retaining traces of images in your mind 2. The phi phenomenon • Capacity to arrange images as if they are a continuous motion • Able to take individual frames in minds eyes as a series set of motion; not individual slides • We construct the movement of cinema in o
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