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Cmns 110 November 29 Notes

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CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

Cmns 110 November 29, 2011 “Illusion” of green marketing/green consumerism Two forms: 1. Advocacy; advocate on behalf of environmental causes (Ie. Advocating recycling) 2. Corporations push an environmental agenda (Ie. Marketing products/being “certified” by some organization/environmental acceptability) Corporations see green marketing as a great marketing opportunity; it’s “in”, “popular” Hypocritical? Offensive? Parodying environmentalism? How would green marketing work? • Evacuation of nature; values are taken out • Rather, we get representations of nature in advertising mythology (of balance and harmony) • Presenting nature as an ideal rather than how it really is; making associations • Associating their product to the advertising mythology (Ie. Purity, natural, etc.) • The concept of nature has erratically changed; “nature is everything that is pure and good” • Making the language self-explanatory (Ie. “natural”, “organic”) – semiotic • Nature = “the good”; a marketing ploy • “Nature” has become a sacred adjective/sanctified/sacred concepts 1. Dilemma around consumer goods that are green 2. Shift/discourse of describing these products Is green marketing good? • Brings back to us the misguided efforts to environmental sustainability • We have green products because the current practices of capitalism are not sustainable • They are finite
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