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Simon Fraser University
CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

Lecture 2 CMNS110 • Close relation between communication and health ◦ Social interactions,Awards • How does info get transmitted? • Do people receive same message as the one sender intended? • Can actions guarantee success of communication? • Early communication interested in encoded (how message put together), sent (transmitted) and the understood(decoded) ◦ Early researchers came from technological backgrounds (explains interest in how) ◦ Look for efficiency. • Process vs Content(What is said vs how its said) ◦ shouldn’t ignore process [situation, background etc] • Communication models ◦ Monological(Action)= One way movement of information identifiable sender to one or more receivers. Happens through space. Precise, Basic, and Direct. From one to another. ▪ Talk show hosts, Sportscaster, Lectures etc ▪ Sender -->Receiver [linear model of communication] ▪ “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail” • looking at something from one perspective ▪ Lack of feedback ◦ Two Step flow model= ▪ Mass Media--> Various opinion leaders-> Even more followers ▪ ex) Learning new legislation from a popular newscaster, writer, etc • You as a follower, learn from a opinion leader, who gets knowledge from original source ▪ Assumes people can be easily swayed by popular opinions/unable to get info themselves ▪ Takes note of role of opinion leaders who have influence over the common populace ▪ ie) Twitter, Single person can have thousands of “followers” ▪ Linear like Monological. Transfer of info from one o another. No Feedback. ◦ Interaction Model= Sender/Receiver ↔ Receiver/Sender ▪ Not either or proposition in Model ▪ Conversation. Action between two people. Sender, then receiver, the
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