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Lecture 2

CMNS 110 Fall 2012 - Week 2 Lecture Notes

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Simon Fraser University
CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

CMNS 110 Lecture – Week II Miller & Postman - Information gets transmitted verbally & non-verbally (below the threshold of awareness) - What people say is often less important than how they said it (body language & intonation) - People’s interpretations of the message are not always the same as what the sender intended to portray o Ex: sarcasm – not always understood - Redundancy is a method to confirm the message is interpreted correctly; to make the message clear o Certain level of redundancy is required o More repetition is required when you are speaking aloud o Efficiency, success, fidelity - EARLY communication theorists had less interest in what was being communicated, than in how the message was encoded (put together), transmitted (sent), and then decoded (understood). o Interested in PROCESS instead of MEANING  Concerned with the distinction between process and content  Sometimes they work together – influence each other o Is the way the message was understood identical to the way the message was put together? - MONOLOGICAL Model of Communication – involves a one-way movement of information from an identifiable sender to one or more receivers o The ACTION model: “Sender  Receiver”  Goes one way  Many have argued this is the fundamental structure of communication  Single speaker o Represents communication as transportational o Linear model o “Meaning is transferred through space from one agent to another by means of a communication medium such as speech or writing. Thus the linear model is precise, basic, and direct.” - TWO
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