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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

From Mass Communication to the Network Society Week 2WHAT IS THEORYPurpose of theoryexplain comprehend and interpret phenomena and suggest why such phenomena occur Williamspatterns and explanations for patternsNot just observation but also analysis categorization and meaningBest explanation out there currentlyImplicit TheoriesCommon sense theoriesImplicit understandings widely heldProminent in public debateBut these theories may mistake the part for the wholelimited perspectiveELEMENTS OF A GOOD THEORYExplains Something ImportantSpecifies Assumptions ClearlyMakes Relationships ClearSystematic And CreativeTakes All Relevant Information Into AccountTestableGenerates Further QuestionsTentativeOpen To ReviewProvides Guides To ActionAreas of Communication Theory 1 How communication WORKS 2 What people do WITHmediaInformation education opinion Role of media in a democracyEntertainment social interaction 3What media do TOpeoplePropaganda persuasion manipulation advertisingViolence desensitization distractionUSES of THEORYRaises questionsOrganizes observationsGuides actionThe ultimate test of a theory is its usefulness in helping us to understand and solve real world problems Williams Communication TheoryModels Cmns MORE than transmissionAlso TRANSFORMATIONInformationcontent is not the same as delivering widgitsContent carries meaningHowThrough social interactionsexperienceDifferences between mathsocial modelsContent as transferring informationdirect delivery systemContent as transmitting meaningpart of the social construction of realityFrom McQuail 1 What were two of the indications that the media had significant power in societyThe impact of newspapers advertising to large s of people around WWI19001920WWII uses of media for propaganda to influence public opinionMass society industrial revolutionMass society closed into cities ruralurbanIndustrialization factorysModernity technology increase Mass SocietyMass Media Theory Hypodermic Needle model of media effectsMedia affecting the public lower classEffecting the public through propaganda audience are vulnerable passive and atomized Triumph of the WillTriumph des WillensLeni Riefenstahl1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg Rally Propaganda and Mass Society How Nazi Germany confirmed the worst public fears about totalitarian control of communication and society and the role of mediaHitlers Cardinal Rules for Propaganda from Mein Kampf Very effective route of manipulationAvoid abstract ideas and appeal to the emotions antiintellectualopposite of marxismuse constant repetitionusing stereotypes and avoid objectivtyput forth only one side of the argumentconstantly criticize enemies of the stateidentify one enemy for vilification jewishThe Ministry of Propaganda under GoebbelsDivision 1 Legislation reflecting priorities personel hitler with kids cultureDivision 2 Race athletics Olympics activity controversiesDivision 3 Radio radio was given away to help with content spreadingDivision 4 National and foreign pressDivision 5 CinemaDivision 6 Theater music artTotal control of all media FILM Radio Newspapers Posters Festivals And more All media under Nazi party controlNazi Pagentry 1934 Nazi Party Rally NurembergThe Nazi Party AssembledFrankfurt SchoolInstitute for Social Research in Frankfurt Germany
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