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Lecture 2

CMNS 130 - Week 2 Study Questions (Ott & Mack; McQuail)

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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

Wednesday January 8 2014Week 2Study QuestionsCMNS 130 OttMack1What are the four subcategories of mass mediaPrint media motion picturesound recording broadcast media new media 2In what way did print media change society How did broadcasting inuence media consumptionPrint media is considered the rst mass medium and the rst method by which information could reach a large audience in a cheaper and faster way than any method before it As the rst mass medium print media touched almost all aspects of human life History could be recorded and kept forever social power hinged upon literacy and ownership of printed materials and it provided a far reaching circulation of knowledge Print media was useful for the spread of ideas knowledge religion power and inuence Newspapers and magazines eventually became the primary medium of print media Althoughreadership in the newspaper and magazine industries has declined since the mid1990s studies suggest people are still reading I believe this is due to the emergence of new mediums that still provide access to print media platforms although not necessarily being printed Electronic formats of magazines and newspapers are still available and show there is still a demand for print mediaBroadcast media succeeded in removing shipment from the equation that was a key limitation in print media Thus broadcast media brought media directly to its audiences and media could now travel immensely faster than print media ever could Broadcast media epitomizes the central characteristics of mass media providing fast simultaneous information to a broad audience and ensuring that everyone is receiving the same information Finally broadcast media changed the normative standard of society with the platforms and mediums that came with it Televisions and radios can be found in 98 of houses in America and today there are 4 million more houses that own a television than a telephone Broadcast media exemplies our changing society and how we absorb mass media 3Dene convergence mobility fragmentation globalization socializationConvergence many media through one platform multitasking mediathe tendency of formerly diverse media to share a common integrated platform 1
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