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Lecture 3

Week 3 book notes (Freedman)

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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

COMMUNICATIONS 130BOOK NOTESExplorations in Mass CommunicationsCompiled by Brophy and CrossWeek 3 Reading p15Pluralism Neoliberalism and Media Policy by D Freedman 2008PluralismBased on the recognition of group diversity and attempts to maximize the productivity off group bargaining to achieve social cohesionOften deployed by participants to describe and justify existing media policy arrangements p16Argued that US politics was a competitive arena in which different interests vied for power and influence but in which there was no single dominant voice p16Argued that any danger of undue private interest group influences would be countered by the openness of multiple access points into the policymaking process which would actually addd to the stability of the system p17Influence stemmed not just from economic power but from prestige profile and vision of the participants p17Critiques of pluralismMiliband there are elites but there is no eliteoFalse claim that the major organized interests compete on more or less equal terms And none are able to achieve a permanent advantage in competitionp19oBritish civil servants and US officials cannot shake off this influence of who has powerPolicies begin in corporate boardrooms and ends in government where policies are enacted and implemented p18Normative Principles of Pluralist Media Policy p191Wide range of voices and opinions even if unpopular2Facilitates a competitive environment with multiple outlets voices etc without discrimination3Stimulates public opinion as a communication channel between private individuals and the state4Citizens informed about issues important to their daily life5Protects freedom of individuals from state as well as the states ability to protect citizens from harm6Stabilizes society by maximizing the expressive and cultural rights of all social groups
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