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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

CMNS 130 - Chapter 9 Reading Questions 1. How has consumer culture shaped how we define and understand childhood and youth?  Deregulation: by the 1980s debates about who should regulate child programming (between government, child advocates, and the entertainment industry) lessened under the Reagan government debates of child advocates and public advocates were of little relevance as the FTC and FCC (Federal Communications Commissions and Federal Trade Commissions)  The responsibility of regulating children’s media was off-loaded to the free market. Soon the FCC relaxed many of the policies on the amount of commercial minutes permitted during children’s television shows.  This also happened in Canada. Lobbyists (Canadian Association of Broadcasters proposed the Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children)  By the mid - 1980s children were seen as consumers in their own right with access to a disposable, expandable income in billions.  Opening Up to the Girl Market: The introduction of more girl-friendly programming and merchandise (Strawberry Shortcake, Poochie Puppy) in the 1980s 2. ASC’s Broadcast Code for Advertising The ideology behind this kind of code is to provide a set of regulations to be followed by Canadian advertisers to protect children from manipulation and exploitation by advertisers. They recognize the special characteristics of a children’s audience. I think they work for the most part, but I believe children are still very influenced by what they see on TV. There are always debates about what is acceptable and what is not. In order to me to regulate children’s advertising, I would have to carefully look at the research that has been done to examine the correlation between child behaviour and what they view or hear on the television. “Discretion and sensitivity will b
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