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Lecture 3

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CMNS 130
Kathleen Cross

CMNS 130 Reading Questions Week 3 Mediamaking: Mass Media in a Popular Culture (Grossberg et al.) 1. Explain the two notions/levels of power as outlined by the authors • Power as Effect o Power as the ability to produce effect, make a difference in the world o Every medium has significantly reshaped people’s experience of time and their sense of history o Connected to determination (causality) o Contextual vision of social life: the relationship of any practice to its effect cannot be isolated and identified , because it depends on the entire context • Power as Control: Consensus and Conflict o Control over people and resources o Producing and then operating through or exploiting, social differences in the world 2. Define: ‘conflict models’, ‘a system of social difference’ • Consensus models o Emphasize unity and harmony within society o Ability of different people to get along together o Cultural model of communication (Dewey 1925)  Communication is the progress through which different groups in society come to understand and accept each other despite their differences  New media of communication are not doing this • Conflict models o Emphasize conflicts and inequalities within social life and the difficulties different groups in living together o A system of social difference: Various resources of a society are unequally distributed according to structures of social difference (social class, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual identity, age, different abilities)  Example: feminism, feminist theory of communication • Both models describe important aspects of the media’s role in making society and people’s lives o Should appreciate both positive and negative sides of media’s role in society The Politics of Media Policy (Freedman) 1. Who has power, and who has the most power, in a liberal pluralist view of society • different interests vie for power and influence but there is no single dominant voice • politics are dominated by coa
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